In the mountains above Keystone, Colorado

The Man on the other side of the screen.


As I had mentioned before, I'm a curious 27 year old who's been studying about advertising, behavioral economics & branding.

I should also mention I'm an outdoors enthusiast, snow / skateboarder & a music connoisseur.


Quick list of things I've been up to:

I've recently been listening to "Freakonomics," Radiolab," & "In Our Time" podcasts...would HIGHLY recommend.

Currently I'm reading "The Hero & The Outlaw" by Margaret Mark & Carol S. Pearson and "Writing That Works" by Kenneth Roman & Joel Raphaelson.


In closing, I'm a man who enjoys good conversation talking about different topics, exploring & asking questions. If you've listened to or read any of those podcasts or books, I'll buy the first round either of coffee or IPA's. If not, either way the first one is on me, let's chat.